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11/06/16 10:59 AM #160    


Nancy Hull (Merritt)


Bob Kurowsky, Just viewed pictures of reunion.  Thank you so much for all your effort in putting them together.  Brought back some wonderful memories and so good to see all the smiling faces.

Nancy Hull Merritt


12/17/16 06:11 PM #161    


Robert Kurowsky

Thanks so much for the kind words Nancy, they mean allot.

Glad knowing that you are enjoying our web site!

12/31/16 08:11 PM #162    

Judy Amos (Leverknight)

Hi Classmates, 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a Happy New Year.

01/03/17 08:47 PM #163    

Buddy Owens

Fond memories of WHS.  Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year.

01/04/17 01:01 PM #164    


Alice Taylor

May you all have a happy, healthy 2017.  Let's have fun while we're all still young!  angel


01/05/17 11:09 AM #165    


Sally Stulga (Rogers)

Absolutely!  I'm still young but my knees have abandoned me...double replacement perhaps this month.  I still have miles of beaches to walk.  Happy new year to all!

01/05/17 11:30 AM #166    

Barry Levy

Sally, Good luck with the knees and miles of beach! I've had both hips replaced, not so bad except on days like today 27 degrees here in Basking Ridge, NJ.

01/06/17 10:52 AM #167    

Frank Tuhy

Sally - Good luck with the knees!  Among my medical adventures, it was shoulders that needed some repair work.  My recent thought is if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want a body with a better warranty next time!

Barry - My fuzzy memory is trying to recall how much we knew each other at WHS.  However, we now live in the same town.  If you recognize the scene in this picture, you'll know where I live.  

Image may contain: night and fire



01/06/17 11:20 AM #168    


Sally Stulga (Rogers)

Thanks for your positive support; I've always exercised as well, but after carrying around my own four and my 18 grandchildren I've just worn down all the cartilage.  My husband won't allow me to limp...says he'll shoot me. He shares my sick sense of humor!  Pretty soon we'll all be bionic!

01/07/17 01:15 PM #169    

Buddy Owens

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Sally.  Make sure you take full advantage of any and all rehab that is offered.  Have your husband push you a little with the knee bends so you will have full mobility and moan as much as appears realistic so he feels sorry for you but don't milk it for more than a year.

Get well soon,



01/08/17 11:06 AM #170    


Sally Stulga (Rogers)

Thanks, Buddy!  Will keep you informed.  Still waiting to be scheduled.

01/08/17 11:29 AM #171    


Joan Ditri (Flanagan)

Hoping for a happy, heathy new year for everyone! 

01/23/17 11:51 PM #172    


Dan Witkowsky

Great memories of Perth Amboy and Staten Island!  My grandparents lived up (Water?) Street from that ferry slip you pictured.  They had a wonderful view of the boat traffic on the (Arthur Kill?) from their front porch.  Was "Patsy's" the name of the store (not pictured) to the right of the slip?  I still remember the pin-ball machines in there along with their wonderful ice cream cones.

Bob, your efforts at bringing us some nostalgia are wonderful.  My wife's small town in Illinois sends out an occasional E-mailing named, "You Know You Lived and Grew Up in Dwight When..."!  It brings back a lot of memories to her and her classmates.  I think it would be great to post here with a similar title, "You Know You Lived and Grew Up in East Central New Jersey When..."! 

With that "You Know You Lived and Grew Up in East Central New Jersey," I thought I would bring back some memoies of "Englishtown Auction, New Jersey" which is on the Internet and seems to be going strong.  I have a lot of great memories from many years shopping and selling in Englishtown.  It was a wonderful place to buy fresh farm produce, as well as a chance to buy and sell just about everything (legal) imaginable.  I still remember buying National Geographic magazines for five cents because my family couldn't afford an annual subscription!  There was a wonderful bookstore inside one of the buildings that I spent hours in.  I've been at similar auctions over the years across the U.S., including here in Denver, but Englishtown is definitely the "grand-daddy" of them all!  Anybody do any buying or selling there on Saturdays? 




01/24/17 09:28 AM #173    


Alice Taylor

Sally - good luck with the knees!  You can't keep a good woman down! 


01/25/17 04:44 PM #174    


Sally Stulga (Rogers)

Thanks for having faith in me!  I'm up for the challenge.  Will let you know.

01/26/17 08:54 AM #175    


George O'Brien





01/27/17 11:52 AM #176    


Sally Stulga (Rogers)

Thanks, George.  I do remember you.  Signed, the tall blonde kid from Colonia.

04/09/17 10:43 PM #177    

Judy Amos (Leverknight)

To All My Classmates, that had birthdays so far this year. Happy belated birthay. So I missed them.

04/10/17 11:12 PM #178    

Judy Amos (Leverknight)

Classmates forgive me I had a senior moment when I posted my message yesterday. I wanted to say I was sorry I missed your birthdays.

04/11/17 10:54 AM #179    

Frank Tuhy

Senior moment?  I occasionally have senior hours!  Speaking of which, did Sally have that surgery yet, and how did it go?

05/09/19 04:54 PM #180    


Dan Witkowsky

I live two miles from Columbine High School.  One of the students killed 20 years ago at the Columbine shooting lived just a few houses away from me.

I’m about seven miles from where the shooting at the STEM Highlands Ranch School occurred this past Tuesday.  This was the fourth school-shooting in Colorado since the Columbine massacre.  The Highlands Ranch shootings brought back the many sad memories of those who have been killed and wounded in Colorado and elsewhere. 

Keep all the Highlands Ranch children and their families in your prayers now and in the future.  The Columbine families who experienced their tragedy still need prayers after 20 years!

05/10/19 01:07 AM #181    


Robert Kurowsky

Thanks for the posting Dan.

The shooting instances are increasing, and the course of action is to arm teachers.

Buying clothes for children at the beginning of a school year will soon include flak jackets, in different sizes and colors.

I can't offer a solution to this, other than stating two wrongs don't make a right.

What does come to mind is our population is increasing which includes a certain percentage of good vs bad people.

I doubt that percentage figure has changed much over the years.

You just have more of both.

Media coverage is almost instantaneous thanks to just about everyone having cell phones that can record anything they're aimed at, then posted to FB, etc.

12/26/19 12:06 PM #182    


Dan Witkowsky

Wishing you all peace, prosperity, and joy throughout 2020!
Take time to relax and reconnect with family and friends and the world around you this holiday season!

01/01/20 09:14 PM #183    


Robert Kurowsky


Our WHS website sent your notification to a SPAM folder instead of me like it has in the past.

I just found it today.

Best wishes to you and yours Dan.

01/03/22 11:30 AM #184    

Norman Kline

Very sorry to learn of the death of my old friend Barry Levy. I will miss him. May his memory be a blessing. 

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