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I'm fairly certain that many of us after attaining the age of 18, soon realized that our next stage in reaching adulthood was enjoying adult beverages.

No need to wait until we are 21 - New York's drinking age was 18! 

Some of us had our first legal beers, etc. at Rye Beach on our senior trip.

However after graduation it became common place for a good number of us to drive to Staten Island, to drink, dance and enjoy live rock n roll at various bars, especially off Hylan Blvd.

The bars that quickly come to my mind are The Hitching Post, The Princess Bay Inn (PBI), the Christmas Tree (good rock bands), the Aquehonga, DuBees and who can forget Blind Johns.

I'm sure there are more, but the above listing is all I can remember for now.

To get to Staten Island we drove across the Outerbridge Crossing, or took the ferry boat at the end of Smith Street in Perth Amboy.

I preferred the ferry boat ride; for only a quarter a car load you get a neat, short boat ride - AND about 400 feet after driving off the ferry boat was Blind Johns on the left. The street was pretty steep, we had to be careful to park our cars in such a way that they wouldn't roll down the street and into the river.

Blind Johns was cool - beer was cheap as was their pool table. We could drink beer, shoot pool and look out the window to see the ferry coming and going, making it a snap for planning our return trip to Perth Amboy.

After returning to Pert Amboy, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, we would cruise Smith Street from the train station to High Street, turning right on High Street driving past King High Garage, driving around the circle and back to Smith Street and so on. For us guys we searched for female companionship (success was rare) but also checked out other cars cruising along as well.

It was allot of fun, every now and then we'd get hassled by the cops (especially Charly Nelson), those efforts rarely dampened our adventurous spirits.

Driving past Blind Johns for a bit there were two other bars we frequented: the Aquehonga and DuBees.

If I remember I think the Aquehonga was more of a restaurant, while Dubees was truly a bar.

For those taking the Outerbridge Crossing, practically under the Outerbridge was the Hitching Post - that's where I had my first NY beer. A full sized plaster (?) horse was on the front porch. A small bar but usually packed on weekend nights.

Off Hylan Blvd was The Princess Bay Inn and the Christmas Tree.

The latter had pretty darn good rock n roll groups playing during the weekend. The first time I went to The Christmas Tree while walking in, the band started playing "Birthday" by the Beatles - it sounded exacly like their record, but much louder. I was so Impressed!

To augment this writeup I searched high and low for photos of these bars. I managed to find a few that I'll post below.

If anyone has photos to add to these, please bring them to my attention so I can add them.

I have many, many personal stories regarding my Staten Island experiences, most of them humorous. I might start writing about some of them using our Message Forum option that is open to all members. It would be great if our members would start this idea off writing about their own unique experiences.

Hope my writing about Staten Island brings back some enjoyable memories for you.

The Outerbridge Crossing

Perth Amboy Ferry Slip

The Aquehonga



DuBee's huge refridgerator!

The Princess Bay Inn

The Hitching Post

Inside the Hitching Post